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Now, you can shed the weight (and finally feel really good about yourself!) without starvation, surgery, or living at the gym…

And It Will Work Even When You Don’t

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With Dr. Joy Martina

Struggling with diets & exercise, stress & willpower, and secretly hating your body (and yourself)?

Sleep Your Fat Away releases excess fat effortlessly in just 20 minutes per day… … no diets, no pills, and no deprivation involved.

Sleep Your Fat Away is turning “Weight Loss” on its head. Literally.

This is unlike anything you’ve ever seen

Right now, it feels as though many in the Diet & Weight Loss World are just trying to rip you off. Maybe you think that “”nothing really works for me” or “it might work for others, but not for me.”Are you constantly worrying about your body and health? Obsessed about what to eat and this FAT you think you’ll never lose? And hate on yourself every time you look in the mirror & continue to believe there is no solution?It has become a HABIT to HATE Yourself. And this is the root of your problem. And it’s not all your fault.Unfortunately, a multi-billion dollar food industry is making foods more addictive to the brain, mainstream media is constantly feeding you with images of “unrealistic perfection” & blowing up your distorted self image… and past conditioning together with everything else is disconnecting you from your body’s innate intelligence and smothering your self-esteem.It’s a shame… but it can be reversed!

You have simply created some unhealthy habits that are now holding you back from being naturally slim, healthy and happy. And now you can STOP the STRUGGLE.

My husband, Dr. Roy Martina (known as “The Holistic MD”), and I have made it our life’s mission to make sure millions around the world no longer go to bed feeling frustrated and wake up defeated. In fact it’s our goal to help end obesity in less than 20 years! And we are here to help… And even if you have started to curb this self-hate habit from rounding the corner too hard & too fast from day to day… I’m here to show you that you can actually stop it all together.

There is so much more to weight loss than just “eating right”

You need to start listening to your body & engage the power of your brain.FACT: You were born with the innate wisdom & natural ability to take care of yourself.

This is proven every day by the simple fact that… you cannot overfeed a newborn baby… and if anyone ever tried to overfeed you… you would turn your head away, stick your tongue out… and spit it all over the place… because you would make it very clear… “I’ve had enough!”You see, we didn’t have to think it through as babies…. it’s in our DNA. 

But instead of listening to our body’s, we have been programmed to go against our natural instincts, and we’ve been forcing ourselves with willpower… We think “all I need to do is eat right and exercise”… we starve a little, deprive ourselves of the food we love, try some magic pills, workout really hard… and HOPE….“This time it’s going to be different! … But you know the truth…

The truth is… it’s not working.

Well, there is nothing wrong with you. You are Amazing. You just need to start listening to your body & engaging the power of your brain to make lasting changes STICK.

Once my Mom learnt how to get her brain on board… and started listening to her body… she lost over 20 pounds effortlessly. She had been struggling with her weight and self esteem for years – and was either on a diet or between diets…She told me ”The best thing is, I don’t even feel like I’m on a diet.” My Mum also became happier and has much more energy. She got a grip on her crazy cravings. She even started running at 67! You have no idea how much joy I feel to see her traveling the world, enjoying life, her grand kids and still pursuing her passion as a teacher at over 70.

10 Ways Sleep Your Fat Away WILL Work For You (we’ve set it up so you cannot fail):

10) Shut off all the negativity that now consumes so much of your internal conversation – enough is enough!

Let’s be honest… when was the last time you looked in the mirror and said “I’m beautiful!” Most often we actually say horrible things to ourselves…  Your body is always listening to this kind of treatment & will NOT respond positively.Your cells are aware of every single thought you think and every word you speak and every action you take… the easiest, fastest, best, and most effortless way to fix negative programming is to RE-TRAIN YOUR BRAIN towards your automatic thoughts, responses, and actions to be 100% rooted in Healthy Self-Love & Compassion; this is the main focus of SYFA.We’re even giving you BONUS materials to support effortless transformation of Your Inner Dialogue through Brain Training Audios.

9) It will work – even when you don’t!

Let’s face it. We all have “bad days”, can feel “off”, or even depressed. But you’re in luck because Sleep Your Fat Away is the “Make Your Day Great!” Super Hero that swoops in through your headphones, or your speakers, and gets you back on track in 20 minutes or less. All you have to do is take a brief “time out”, play one of the scientifically-engineered Audios and POOF! If there’s anything that “works like magic,” it’s THIS. Now, you have a support system to help you relax, unwind, and train your brain & cells towards being, feeling, and responding in positive ways. It’s SCIENCE.

8) Unlock… and change… the most powerful tool you own & changes your mental programming at the level necessary for permanent shifts

 “Diet, Discipline, Deprivation”… when your subconscious mind hears this (which makes up 90% of our mind)… it will kick up a tantrum.The survival brain is activated and it will sabotage anything that it considers a threat to your survival (any change!)! To have success, you need to make sure that your whole brain is aligned with your goals… we call this being CONGRUENT… when we are congruent on ALL levels, we can shed the fat gracefully and easily – and stop struggling with our willpower!

7) Release and erase your limiting beliefs & negates the “this won’t work” or “I can’t do this”

We pick up an astonishing amount of limiting beliefs but the good news is that we can change this. You can train your brain to replace bad habits and negative beliefs with positive (and even fat burning!) habits and empowering beliefs. We have found that Brain Training Audios are the most effective and effortless way to get the new health promoting programming deep into the mind… Get your brain fully on board to support the way you want to live your life!  Your healthy self without all the painful limitations weighing you down! YOU CAN DO THIS.

6) Easy-To-Follow System (We’ve Even Made A Mobile App!)

We have poured our hearts into creating an extremely well organized, clear, easy-to-follow, GORGEOUS space online for you to enjoyably move through this one-of-a-kind program… We’ve also made it very easy for you to access your Brain Training Audios, Sleep Programs & extra resources that will accelerate results through a beautiful Mobile App that you download to your SmartPhone. … We’ve even thought ahead so far as to make the background of the Mobile App BLACK so that it does not blind you as you go to train your brain during your sleep hours… 

5) Connect to your younger, happy self… where you CANNOT fail

When I see how naturally confident and happy our 6 year old daughter Grace is, I ask myself: How come we go from being content little girls and boys, who feel good about themselves to self conscious, men and women who no longer believe in our incredible potential? Sleep Your Fat Away re-connects you to that naturally happy young version of yourself, where you are full of confidence and self trust.Once you are aligned with the identity of your naturally slim, healthy confident and joyful self, you continue to train the brain to make THIS the blueprint for our body and mind to follow.

4) Maximize your sleep hours with Sleep Programming, baby! 

If the average night’s sleep is eight hours (ie one third of a day), one sleeps for one third of one’s life. If you live, say, 75 years, that’s 25 years asleep, or 9,125 days.Russian scientists discovered that training your brain while you sleep is one of the most powerful ways to access our body’s wisdom and implement changes…Simply fall asleep listening to your Sleep Program… unlike your conscious mind that goes to sleep… your subconscious mind is always awake and ready to receive positive messages. Get better sleeps & wake up feeling more refreshed from your Nightly Brain Training.

3) Tap into the Power of Relaxation & the latest Neuroscience and proven methods like Self-Hypnosis, NLP and Meditation – achieving astonishing results

IF YOU’RE NOT ENGAGING YOUR BRAIN IN WEIGHT LOSS… YOU’RE NOT BEING SERIOUS ABOUT WEIGHT LOSS. I can’t stress this enough. You must get your brain on board. Your brain is the part of you that is driving your decisions… and sadly, the majority of the population does NOT know how to work WITH the brain… Roy and I are super passionate about Brain Training because we have seen in our own lives how brilliantly it works! We use it ourselves, for our friends and family… and of course with our clients and students. We discovered that by combining the latest findings of Neuroscience with proven methods like Relaxation, Self-Hypnosis, NLP and Meditation, you can achieve astonishing results – regardless of your background, beliefs or the type of goal you are going for.

2) Life & Weight Loss Coach at your side, almost 24-7

It’s like having your coach at your side when you need her the most. The more often you listen, the more in control you’ll feel.We use latest neuroscience to help you transform all the subconscious sabotage, limiting beliefs and destructive programming that is now holding you back from being your slim, happy and healthy self. And additionally we will give you all our best kept secrets to crush cravings, manage your emotions …and show you how you can burn fat and stay fit by working out just 4 minutes a day…

1) Does NOT cram MORE into your schedule!

And the best news is that this unique way of brain training does NOT add any extra pressure or stress in our schedules… it’s not yet another thing we have to DO…we can actually make these big changes happen even while we sleep or in our downtime.Your DAILY time investment is only 20 minutes… ‘cause hey! this program was created with a busy person in mind! The rest happens in your sleep.

And… I just gotta throw one more in … Unquestionable “Me Time” (yes! with a capital M! You’re welcome!)

Maybe up until now, you haven’t had a good enough excuse to just have some space and some alone time… well now you do! All you have to say is, “I’m doing my Brain Training”. On top of having 5 kids including teenage boys and a 6 year Princess… my brother-in-law, his wife, and our cutest nephew live with us… throw in there 2 dogs… and you can see why my Brain Training Time is so precious to me…I just plop my headphones on… sit back and relax… and let my subconscious do the rest. I then return to my family peaced-out and zen-like and I’m sure if I didn’t take these breaks or do my Sleep Programming… our household and family dynamics would NOT be as healthy as they are… Because when Mom is happy… everyone is happy.

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Fantastic Features:

A Support Team Who Cares, Deeply

Our clients & customers tell us we have the best Customer Support Team, bar none… so just know whenever you have a question or need help, we’re just an email away.

Gorgeous Members Area

We know you will love and enjoy using the easy-to-follow, clear, and beautiful Membership Area where you will access this life-changing program. 

Mobile App

Yes! All you need to be successful contained right on your SmartPhone. We’ve thought of everything in order to make this experience enjoyable & effortless for you.

Loving Community

We can’t wait to connect you in with our global community of supporters, students, customers, clients, friends… and our crazy patchwork family.  

Picture The Moment You Finally Have The Answer You’ve Been Looking For And Begin The Path To The Lighter “You” That Is Happier, Healthier, and More Confident Than You Could Have Ever Hoped For…I am sure you know that the pain of staying stuck will only lead to more despair, more frustration… and continued disappointments.Yet, All Of This Can Change The Moment You Begin Applying The Principles Of Sleep Your Fat Away. Imagine Feeling Alive and Excited to Greet Each Day Full Of Positivity!You will continue to experience more positive emotions each day… and your ability to bounce back or self-correct will get stronger and stronger… You see, if you have been programmed one way (which got you to where you are today), it is proof that you can also be programmed in another way, a good way that brings you the results you truly desire.I know this is possible for you… because I live it everyday… and countless of our clients, students, friends, and family do so to.Our SYSTEM taps into the Power of Your Brain to achieve your weight loss & health goals AND transform your life. It can’t get any easier than THIS.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

When our customers started calling this, “effortless weight loss,” we knew we hit the mark. EASE… it’s something we take VERY seriously. We obsess over it actually… and it makes us pour enormous time and effort into creating programs that are EASY to follow and EFFECTIVE.

“My body is in control again. I am healthier and in control of my weight. All without any diet, rigorous exercise or the feeling of deprivation.”

~ Monika, Austria

“At last! After years of struggling with diets I have made it! With your Sleep Your Fat Away program I was able to get my life back and I love it. This experience has been so much more than “just” weight loss – it has transformed my life and I am exhilarated. I can’t find the words to express my gratitude.”

~ Marianne, Holland

“With the Sleep Your Fat Away program & the Virtual Gastric Band I finally lost all my excess fat, got rid of my high blood pressure & tiredness. I have more energy, I’m off medication & I feel better.”

~ Jaqueline, Holland

“At first I was very skeptical and thought: “I’ll just try it out!” And then I was in for a surprise. I love listening to your voice and look forward to my sessions every day. I love this program. Thank you so much!”

~ Antje, Germany

Order NowJack CanfieldAuthor of Chicken Soup For The Soul Books

“I really encourage you to check out their website and to work with them. I’ve done some work with Drs. Joy & Roy Martina and it’s really quite phenomenal!”

Lisa SasevichEntrepreneur, Speaker, “Queen of Sales Conversion”

“Dr. Joy & Roy Martina are as beautiful and authentic off camera as they are on camera. They’re the real deal. In fact, I dove in myself with their Brain Training and WOW… it transforms my waking hours in order to be able to listen to what they have to offer in my sleep hours.”


“The Brain Trainings are absolutely amazing! Without them I might have given up already, or I simply might have forgotten about the program. My goals are much clearer, I keep up with them… I am happier, I handle difficult situations much easier, without stress or anger… am I grateful for all that! For me the program came at just the right time, I have gotten so much out of it already, so I just can say thank you, thank you, thank you, I’m really tremendously grateful for it!!!!”


“The sessions with Joy are so powerful, inspiring and constructive… so much has changed and shifted since we started. My belief and trust in myself, my talents and abilities is growing. I am feeling more and more worthy, and loving. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Rainer,Omega Health Coach

“The program works very well, not “only” for weight management… it changes people’s lives on many levels. I have seen the magical change in several of my students; they went from being frustrated to happy and smiling – within only a few weeks.”

More Brain Training Success Stories!

Teddy Garcia,USA

“Over the past 30 years I’ve tried everything to quit smoking: nicotine gum, patches, wellbutrin, electric cigarettes and hypnosis several times. Each time I would have some level of success for a period of time but eventually would start smoking again. I spent just 30 minutes working with Roy and Joy Martina, as they led me through a completely soothing, nurturing and cleansing process that completely eliminated all desire to smoke instantly. After my session with them it was as if I had never smoked. I didn’t miss or crave cigarettes at all and the thought of having one didn’t even make sense. I know now that I will finally be smoke free forever. Thank you Joy and Roy for giving me my life back and freeing me from this vicious killer once and for all!”


“Every day and every week I am motivated to go on!!! I LOVE THE PROGRAM… I really love to listen to Joys or Roy’s voice on the brain trainings. They are perfect for me!!! I am more patient with my 16 year old son and my husband. More and more I love them just the way they are…. I am getting more balanced. The program (Ultimate Habits) is a perfect way to keep on doing!!!! Every day and every week I am motivated to go on!!! I LOVE THE PROGRAM AND KNOW THAT THERE IS CHANGING A LOT…….Thanks for everybody who is taking part in making and organizing the program!!!!”

Join our Sleep Your Fat Away Virtual Bootcamp and allow me to help you!

Start listening to your body, eliminate self sabotage and create the healthy habits to release the excess fat.

Total Value Of The Program & Bonuses: OVER $3,500

Yours Today for only: $497 or 3 Payments of $197

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What You’ll Get When You Sign Up Today:

Sleep Your Fat Away Virtual Bootcamp

We are thrilled to “Welcome!” you to our newly revamped and gorgeous Membership Area where you will be guided through your life-changing journey. The Membership Area and The Mobile App contain all of your materials, and are easy to access, download, and absorb. 

Over 14 hours of scientifically designed Sleep Audios that will help  you rapidly & permanently shed the weight through re programming to your subconscious mind while you sleep.

Daily Audios using the latest neuroscience to help you digest your food, combat fatigue, de-stress, make staying on track to your goals you automatic response & increase the effectiveness of the nightly Sleep Program.

Take your subconscious mind on an imaginary visit to a Virtual Clinic and become convinced you have been fitted with a Virtual Gastric Band. You will feel the immediate effects of being able to eat smaller portions, be less hungry, have more energy and in turn, lose the weight with mental power instead of will power. We also give you a Preparatory Audio that prepares you mentally for this experience (as if you were going in for surgery, to bring upon those natural nerves, butterflies, and excitement).

A Brand New Sleep Your Fat Away App designed to make listening to your Brain Training Audios as simple as pushing play. 

An array of tools and techniques from Dr. Joy and Dr. Roy M.D. Martina’s over 40 years of combined experience as holistic life transformational leaders.


Get all the support your would possibly need to stay on track with the 5 part Group Coaching Calls reserved for Sleep Your Fat Away Members only. These Calls are over the first 5 curtail weeks of the program to keep you motivated on the right path to achieving your weight loss goals.

Install the Habit of Mastering Your Inner Dialogue and create the mind set to achieve success in all areas of life! This Bonus Training is part of our 12 month Ultimate Habits Program and stretches far beyond the weight loss success

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Total Package Value:


LIMITED TIME PRICE: $497.00or3 Payments $197.00

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We feel so strongly that you will love the Sleep Your Fat Away program that we are willing to offer you a 30 day money back guarantee. Should you not be satisfied after 30 days of using all parts of Sleep Your Fat Away, send us an email explaining what didn’t work for you and we will refund your investment. So go ahead! Try something new! You’ve got nothing to lose except that unwanted heavy baggage.

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LIMITED TIME PRICE: $497.00 or 3 Payments of $197.00

Check Out What Jack Canfield Has To Say About Sleep Your Fat Away:


WE is the power of all of us working together to transform the world. WE is empowering sustainable development, taking action through education and making conscious consumer choices. WE is “Free The Children,” “WE Day” and “ME to WE.” Together, these three organizations make up a family of organizations that work to empower each of us to make the world a better place. A portion of your Enrolment Fee into Sleep Your Fat Away will be donated towards WE & Free the Children Organizations.Talent is universal but opportunity is not. Join us and together we’ll make sure that everyone’s gifts have a chance to shine.

About Drs. Joy & Roy Martina

Helping People Worldwide Become Their Greatest. Grandest Selves

Known worldwide as the Transformational Success Couple, Dr. Roy, MD, and Dr. Joy, PhD, are leaders in the field of transformational change and brain training. Together they have taught over 250,000 people to reach their full potential in all areas of life. Joy and Roy together have over 40 years experience teaching & coaching in the areas of personal development. They have also individually created phenomenal success dedicating their lives to empowering others to become the Grandest Version of themselves. Some of their most renowned programs include the Omega Healing Method, Ultimate Habits Program, Ultimate Results Coaching, Sleep Your Fat Away Weight Loss Program, Theta Chi Sleep Program, The Pong Youp Method and much more. They’re married with 5 kids & have an evolving spiritual partnership that calls each of them to continually step into the Greatest, Grandest version of themselves while supporting others to do the same.

Company Teams We Have Trained & Worked With:

Books We’ve Written:

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LIMITED TIME PRICE: $497.00 or 3 Payments of $197.00

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