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HELP!! I Can't Get All Of My Audios In Each Day

HELP!! I Can't Get All Of My Audios In Each Day

I know that life can get crazy and things don't always go exactly as planned. Don't Give Up if you are really struggling to listen to your audios each day! Aim to listen to a minimum of 3 Power Breaks per week and 3 Gastric Band Audios or 3 Sleep Your Fat Away Audios per week (depending on how far along in the program you are).

While it is recommended to listen to each of the listed Audios every day as prescribed, you will still reap Enormous Rewards from training your brain   At Least 3 Times per week with each of these Audios.

Remember: these Audios do the work, Even When You Don't: all you have to do is turn them on...  

HELP!! I Feel Bad!

Part of every personal growth process is becoming aware of what you don't like and then changing it into something you do like. Don’t be afraid when negative emotions and old painful memories come up in this process. These feelings can sometimes make you feel as if you are doing something wrong, when actually quite the opposite is the case: it means you are doing Something Right! By confronting these old memories, limiting beliefs, and the negative emotions connected with them, you start to create an emotional trashcan inside of you. Use this trashcan, along with this program, to gather your negative thoughts and emotions and to get rid of them For Good. This process will allow you to feel like your happy, confident, joyful self & Celebrate Life once again!

That’s also why we made the Pep Talk; it’s like having your coach at your side when you need her the most. The more often you listen, the more in control you’ll feel.

If you at any time feel you need Additional Help in letting go of past traumas, do not hesitate to contact us at so we can help you find a suitable coach to assist you.

90 days & beyond...

Congratulations!! You have completed the 90 day Sleep Your Fat Away program and your system is 100% on Autopilot. You can stop listening if you want...

However, I recommend keeping the habit of "bathing in positive energy" Every Night. I almost always have a sleep program running at night to train my brain! It's just the Most Effective way of creating the results you want in life!


 Month 1 : Master Your Inner Dialogue